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Laundry Tips from the Pros.
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Laundry Tips from the Pros.

Did you know…Sweat X has over 200 professional and collegiate teams using a revolutionary Sweat X based commercial formula? These teams do A LOT of laundry (we’re talking hundreds of pounds) and know what it takes to get gear back to game-day form. Here are some of their favorite laundry tips and tricks!

Pro Tip: Washing machines need room to move.
“Don’t over-stuff the washing machine as it can’t do its job when packed too full. If the machine is over-stuffed, the agitator won’t have room to properly clean apparel.”

Pro Tip: Sweat X Laundry Detergent is a super soaker.
“Add Sweat X Laundry Detergent to a tub or soak sink filled with hot water. Leave gear or apparel to soak.”

Pro Tip: Moisture means mildew.
“Don’t let freshly washed clothes sit in the washer after the wash cycle has finished. A stale, mildewy smell may develop.

Pro Tip: Heat can set stains forever.
“Don’t put a stained item of clothing into a dryer unless the stain has been fully removed. The drying process sets stains deep into the fabric, and the heat seals them in.”

Pro Tip: Get on to stains ASAP.
“Treat stains immediately – don’t let them to set. Spray any excess stain off with a hose before treating with Sweat X Extreme Stain Spray and washing.”

Pro Tip: Sweat X Extreme Stain Spray destroys stains. 
“Spray stains with Sweat X Extreme Stain Spray, placing a white towel or rag under the stain to assist with stain transfer. Then use a Scotch-Brite Dobie Pad to lightly agitate the fabric until the stain dissipates. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.”

Pro Tip: Sweat X Odor Spray loves sweaty gear.
“Sweat X Odor Spray works best when applied to gear that’s still wet with sweat. For best results, spray items and then allow them to dry in an open, well-aired environment.”