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Why do my workout clothes smell so bad, and how can I stop it?
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Why do my workout clothes smell so bad, and how can I stop it?

You’re halfway through that sweaty spin class, and suddenly you can no longer focus on the workout. Is that smell coming from me? You start to panic. Can anyone else smell it? Should I get up and leave? I just washed this shirt last night!

We know the feeling. You take your workout clothes out of the washer and it smells clean, but that familiar lingering odor comes back as soon as you start sweating in it again. It’s not your fault!

The modern, technical fabrics you work out in were designed for performance – they use new, specialized wicking techniques to keep you cool, dry and comfortable while you sweat. They are comprised of fibers that are much more tightly woven than traditional clothing materials – and thus more likely to trap odor causing bacteria that your cotton t-shirts.

As these fabrics have evolved, traditional detergents haven’t. These traditional detergents leave a residue that builds up, clogging the spaces that these fabrics need to breathe. They stretch out the fabric which kills the compression, and traps odor causing bacteria and skin irritants. That trapped odor is what causes the smell in your activewear – and it only builds up over time if you don’t wash it out properly!

Luckily, we have a solution to get you back on that bike stink-free in no time. Sweat X is formulated to rinse through even the most tightly woven fabrics (so, it also works great on your sheets, towels, and most treasured fashion items). And, we do it all using natural, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. One capful of our detergent is all you need to wash away all of the odor causing bacteria and nasty smells. Keep your activewear as active as you are with Sweat X!