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3 Awesome Outdoor Workout Ideas

Need to shake up your workout routine? Take your training outdoors this summer by trying a fun new fat-burning activity.

The Best Home Exercises For All Levels

Get fit in your front room with these beginner, intermediate and advanced home exercises

Work Up A Sweat With This Shadowboxing Home Workout

No equipment is needed for this shadowboxing and bodyweight workout

How To Start Running

There are many ways into running, as these inspiring tales from runners of all stripes show

A Guide to Safe Outdoor Activities During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The first step is to check the local health orders or guidelines before going out.

Your At-Home Workout You Can Do With Your Kids

Your long workday has ended, but your work isn't over. There's homework to do with the kids, dinner to prepare and ge...

5 Outdoor Family Activities for Time-Pressed Moms

Outdoor family activities don’t have to require a lot of planning or trips to the store. Here are five easy, low-cost...

Wash your hands after handling dirty laundry.

Why COVID-19 can’t beat a good hand-washing.

Tips for Sanitizing 5 Hard-to-Clean Items in Your Children’s Rooms

Every parent knows that keeping kids' rooms — and their stuff — sanitary can seem like a losing battle. Here are a fe...

Busted: Cold Weather vs. Hot Weather Training

When it comes to exercise, will extreme temperatures give you an edge?

More than Weight Loss: 8 Added Benefits of A Regular Sweat Session

While maintaining a healthy weight is one of the biggest draws to exercise, it shouldn’t be the only one. Here are ju...

How To Stop Excessive Sweating

A doctor explains how to stem the tide of body perspiration and when to seek medical advice
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