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Knee Sleeves smelling a little ripe?

After a few Cross Fit workouts, Adam's knee sleeves and smelling pretty funky. Just a quick soak in Sweat X detergent...

New 16 oz Extreme Odor Eliminator Put to Use.

Watch as Adam demos our new 16 oz Odor Elminator Spray in the equipment room at John Carroll University.

How to: Clean Volleyball Kneepads

Join us as Adam walks through the best tips and tricks for getting that lingering smell out of volleyball kneepads.

How to: Use Sweat X Odor Eliminator

Join us as Adam walks through the best tips and tricks for using our Sweat X Odor Eliminator Spray

Laundry Tips from the Pros.

Over 200 professional and collegiate teams use Sweat X. Here are some of their favorite laundry tips and tricks!

Why do my workout clothes smell so bad, and how can I stop it?

The reasons behind why your workout clothes stink and how Sweat X can solve the problem.
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